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The Summer term begins July 1, 2024. Applications are now being accepted.

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Acupuncture has become more and more popular, evolving into one of the most utilized forms of complementary integrative medicine interventions in the United States.

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South Baylo University is a graduate school of East Asian Medicine in Los Angeles and Anaheim, California. Founded in 1977, it offers master’s and doctoral programs with full accreditation in acupuncture and East Asian Medicine.

Graduating more practitioners than any other Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine schools in America, South Baylo University is the leader in East Asian Medicine education.

South Baylo University educates the whole student, academically, and through the core value of HARMONY – harmony of body, the harmony of mind and harmony of life.

For over forty years, top-performing acupuncturists credit South Baylo University for providing the highest quality medical education, applying ancient art to the science of healing.


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Anaheim Clinic

Anaheim Acupuncture Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality of clinical education to the interns. Our interns are trained to conduct standardized procedures, identify medical… more.

Los Angeles Clinic

Our interns at the Los Angeles Acupuncture Clinic are trained to conduct standardized procedures, identify medical emergency situations, and develop treatment protocols for patients… more.

South Baylo University has one of the best AOM programs in the country, and being granted this scholarship will not only allow me to focus on my academics but spend my time becoming more involved with research opportunities offered at this institution. I am looking for an environment that allows me to be challenged, learn and grow. I’d love to be a part of a program like yours someday, and I think that this opportunity would be great to start.

Melisa, Gokkes-Vining

I have researched your Master’s Degree program and visited the admission office to get a feel for your school. When I saw the flame of 홍익인간 in front of the admission office, I felt this school is the right one for me. My mentor always says that we are here in this lifetime for the 홍익인간. He says that 홍익인간 is love, faith, and gratitude. Hongik is a sense of responsibility, patience, and forgiveness. Hongik is a life of health, happiness, and peace.

Etsuko Ozaki Moromi

I am confident that I can be equipped to become a reliable practitioner of acupuncture and oriental medicine at South Baylo University. As I gain a deeper understanding and learn useful skills throughout the Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program, I will continue to reflect on these motivations to keep chasing my dream.

Suhhyun Stella Kim

I would like to highly praise and give credit to Dr. Tae and to the School of Oriental Medicine at South Baylo University for their knowledge, patience, and ability to help me and tremendously improve my condition. My quality of life and well-being is accredited to Dr. Tae and his amazing efforts and treatment methods.

Dr. Byung C Kim, D.D.S.

I came last week with a major migraine headache, tendonitis, and insomnia. I felt relief from migraine headaches on the first sessions. I had been sleeping 2 to 4 hours for the past couple of weeks. The day I got my first session I was able to sleep 9 hours straight without waking up. I’m very happy with your services and professional friendly staff.

Erika Duenez


South Baylo University is considered the best and longest-standing East Asian Medicine University in the nation. South Baylo University has been moving the needle for more than forty years.  As a leader in Asian Medicine, SBU provides student-centered education and training based upon the core value of HARMONY. Harmony of Bodily Functions, Harmony of Mind and Body, and Harmony of Life and Nature are the very foundation of Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine.
During the past 40 years, South Baylo University has educated thousands of practitioners, who provide the ancient science to the healing of the modern man.


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