Academic Calendar

The academic calendar provides the dates for the term start and end of classes.
The dates may be subject to change without notice. 

Important Dates - 2024 Spring Quarter


7/1 (Mon.) Academic Quarter Begins
7/6 (Sat.) Clean Needle Technique (CNT) – AN
7/10 (Wed.) Last day to Add & Drop
7/11 (Thu.) New Student Orientation
7/12 (Fri.) Last Day to Make Up ‘I’ Grade
7/15~7/20 1st On-Line Attendance Record
7/13 (Sat.) CCE I, II Exam – Anaheim campus
7/24 (Wed.) MAcHM – Tentative AC Meeting
7/27 (Sat.) CPR & First Aid
7/29~8/03 Mid term exam period
8/5~8/11 Midterm Progress Report
8/8 (Thu.) DAOM – Tentative AC Meeting
8/12~8/17 Student Syllabi Preparation
9/2 (Mon.) Academic Holiday (Labor Day)
8/26 (Mon.) Registration Start
8/24 (Sat.) CCE I, II Exam – Anaheim campus
9/3~9/9 Final exam Period
9/9 (Mon.) End of Registration
9/11 (Wed.) Tentative Faculty Meeting / Final Grades Due
9/30 (Mon.) Fall Quarter 2024 Begins


CCE I & II Test

CCE I and II EXAM Information

7/13/2024 Sat.

Anaheim: Saturday, 7/13/2024 (9 AM – 12:30 PM), Room #110
Registration Deadline: Monday, 7/8/2024


  • CCE I: 9 AM – 12 PM (3 Hours)
  • CCE II : 9 AM – 12:30 PM (3 Hours and 30 minutes)


  1. Please show up at the test site 15 minutes early.
  2. Bring your student ID or driver’s license or passport.
  3. NO CELL PHONE and PAGER are allowed at the test site.
  4. ONLY PENCIL / ERASER / WATER BOTTLE are allowed on the exam desk.
  5. ALL BAGS must be PUT AWAY in the front of the exam room.
    • 1st & 2nd time : FREE
    • 3rd time : $50
    • 4th & 5th time: $100
    • 6th or more : $200 & APPROVAL OF ACADEMIC DEAN
  1. CCE I must pass all 4 sections of the examination.

NOTE: The students CAN NOT ENTER the EXAMINATION ROOM if late more than 15 minutes of starting.




Beginning of Fall 2014 Quarter, there will be number of limitations for taking the CCEII. The academic office will allow the students to take up to 5 times. Failure of CCE II may result of delaying graduation including eligibility to sit on the California Acupuncture Licensing Examination (CALE), NCCAOM Certification Examinations or dismissing from the University.

First time takers who have successfully completed 175 didactic units and 400 intern hours are eligible to take CCE II. Students are required to pass the CCE II within the Maximum Time Frame (MTF) in order to graduate from the school.

All first time takers must register to take all five sections and pass at least three or more sections of the exam. Any Failure, Examinees must pass rest of the sections within next (2nd) time.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to see Program Student Advisor, Program Director or the Academic Dean.

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