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Academic Departments

South Baylo University 



Academic Departments

Our faculty are focused on helping students achieve their educational and professional goals. Our programs provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the ever-changing world of health care. Our academic advisors are here to help students learn more, do more and be more.

Master’s Program (MSAOM)

Prepares students for professional life as licensed primary health care providers in the field of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Program Directors

Anaheim Campus: Hyo Jeong Kang, LAc, DAOM

Tel: 714-533-1495 Ext)232

Email: programdirectoran@southbaylo.edu

Los Angeles Campus: Ki Haeng Cho, LAc, Ph.D.

Tel: 213-738-0712

Email: programdirectorla@southbaylo.edu

Program Student Advisors

Anaheim Campus: Henry Choi, LAc., DAOM

Tel: 714-533-1495 Ext)228

Email: hchoi@southbaylo.edu

Los Angeles Campus: Alex Jung

Tel: 213-738-0712

Email: alexj@southbaylo.edu

Clinic Directors
Anaheim Campus: Sandjaya Tri, LAc, DAOM, Ph.D.Tel: 714-533-1495 Ext)247

Email: santri@southbaylo.edu

Los Angeles Campus: Gray Deukshin Jang, L.Ac., BM(China), MSAOM, MBA, OMD

Tel: 213-738-1974

Email: deuk@southbaylo.edu

Doctoral Program (DAOM)

Expands the working knowledge and competencies of AOM practitioners through higher-level clinical research, advanced practices, and demonstration of expertise in selected areas of specialty.

Doctoral Program Director

Soo Kyung Kim, LAc., OMD

Tel: 213-738-0712

Email: sookim@soutthbaylo.edu

Doctoral Clerkship Coordinator

Anaheim Campus: Annie Ahn, LAc, OMD

Tel: 714-533-1495 Ext)308

Email: anneahn@southbaylo.edu

Los Angeles Campus: Seong Hwa Hue, LAc, DAOM

Tel: 213-738-0712 Ext)124

Email: shue@southbaylo.edu

Doctoral Program Student Advisor

Rabiha El-Habbal, LAc., DAOM

Tel: 714-533-1495 Ext) 312

Email: elhabbal@southbaylo.edu

Doctoral Research Coordinator

Los Angeles Campus: Joseph Suh, LAc., OMD, Ph.D.

Tel: Tel: 213-738-0712 Ext)144

Email: hhsuh@southbaylo.edu


Provides library services to the university’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Anaheim Library Staff

Librarian Vanja K. Anderson

Tel: 714-533-1495 Ext)252

Email: vanderson@southbaylo.edu

Los Angeles Library Staff

Deputy Library Coordinator Shih-hou (Lily) Lin

Tel: 213-738-0712 Ext)204

Email: lily@southbaylo.edu

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