Your education is a significant investment.

The Financial Aid Office is available to provide students and their parents with information regarding federal, institutional and other sources of financial aid. The Financial Aid Office serves as the administrator for these varied funds, which includes guidance with diverse activities such as consumer awareness, application services, financial aid offers, certification, and eligibility monitoring, fund requests, reconciliation and reporting, and continuing with post-attendance services that include default prevention and management.

Ultimately, the Financial Aid Office provides services t​o eligible students who, without such aid, would be unable to attend college. The offers and delivery of such funds are managed in a fair and equitable manner.

If you have any questions regarding Financial Aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Financial Aid applications must be completed for each new academic year. In order to apply for financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and supply all requested documentation in accordance with the deadlines. This form can be completed online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. When completing the application, please note that the South Baylo University Title IV code is 025973.

Students should retain and keep in an accessible place a copy of their FAFSA as well as all other documents used to complete their FAFSA. Applicants are notified in writing if additional documentation such as tax returns is needed.

If you intend to re-apply to the school after taking a break for at least two quarters due to academic dismissal, you must go through the dismissal re-admission process. Please note that the Financial Aid process and the dismissal re-admission process must be done separately. If you have been approved for one, it does not automatically mean you have been approved for the other. Be sure to check with both the Financial Aid Office and Office of Academics to ensure you have completed all of the necessary steps for a smooth transition back into SBU.



1. Students entering the MAcHM degree program with at least 90 quarter units (60 semester units) are classified as undergraduate students and must meet the following criterions:

a. The total number of credits is less than 180 quarter units earned at an accredited institution of higher education without a Bachelor’s degree or any type of professional degree.

2. Students entering the MAcHM degree program as a graduate student must meet the following criterions:

a. The total number of credits is more than 180 quarter units earned at an accredited institution of higher education without a Bachelor’s degree. OR
b. Earned a Bachelor’s or higher degree.

3. After your information has been processed, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR), usually within three days to three weeks from the submission date of FAFSA. Review the SAR carefully to ensure that all information is accurate. Read any comments to determine any further actions. Be sure to retain your SAR with all other financial aid records. SBU will receive a similar report directly from the U.S. Department of Education.

4. All new students must complete a Loan Entrance Counseling prior to the receipt of the first loan fund disbursement. Loans will not be processed until the Financial Aid Office has received confirmation regarding the completion of the Loan Entrance Counseling sessions.
Please access the www.studentloans.gov to complete Entrance Counseling.
Select “Complete Entrance Counseling”, you will select this on 2 separate pages of the website. Choose “Undergraduate Student” or “Graduate Student”, and proceed with the Entrance Counseling session.

5.  Please complete the Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN).
Note: A Master Promissory Note (MPN) is a loan agreement between you and the student loan lender. By signing the MPN, you are agreeing to repay your loans under the terms of MPN. The first time you obtain a loan at SBU, under and any federal loan programs, you will be required to complete a MPN. The MPN will serve as a promissory note for all future loan programs while enrolled at SBU. Please visit https://studentloans.gov/myDirectLoan/index.action to complete the MPN.  In order to expedite the processing of your financial aid, please complete the above steps in a timely manner, read instructions carefully, fill-out forms completely, and respond to inquiries as promptly as possible.

What are the eligibility requirements for federal student aid?

To be eligible to receive aid, you must meet each of the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen;
  • Be in compliance with the Selective Service Requirements (if required);
  • Be enrolled in an eligible program(MAcHM and DAOM degree programs);
  • Have a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) certificate, or pass an independently administered test approved by the US Department of Education, or meet other standards the State of California establishes that are approved by the Department.
  • Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP);
  • Not be in default on a student loan or owe a refund on a student grant.
  • Have resolved any drug conviction issues. Please see Drug and Alcohol Policy section.
  • Not be incarcerated.
    •  Incarcerated students are not eligible for FSA loans, but are eligible for FSEOGs and FWS. They are also eligible for Pell grants if they are not incarcerated in a federal or state penal institution. A student is considered to be incarcerated if he or she is serving a criminal sentence in a federal, state, or local penitentiary, prison, jail, reformatory, work farm, or similar correctional institution (whether it is operated by the government or a contractor). A student is not considered to be incarcerated if he or she is in a half-way house or home detention or is sentenced to serve only weekends. Students who are currently incarcerated or who might be incarcerated during their current term of attendance must identify themselves to the Financial Aid Office in order to determine their Financial Aid eligibility.

If you have any questions regarding eligibility requirements, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

What is Selective Service?

All male U.S. citizens, regardless of where they reside, and non-citizens living in the U.S., who are 18 through 25, are required by Federal law to register with the Selective Service in order to be eligible for federal aid..

Individuals who are required to register can do so only after they reach the age of 18 and before their 26th birthday. Those required to register who failed to do so may forfeit their eligibility for aid permanently if they cannot demonstrate that their failure to register was not done knowingly and willfully.

Aid applicants can register for the Selective Service online by selecting the appropriate option on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or at the Selective Service registration website. For more information about who is required to register or what to do if you did not register on time, go to the Selective Service System website.

Status Information Letter

If you are male, over the age of 26 and are not registered with Selective Service, then you must submit to the Financial Aid Office a Status Information Letter from the Selective Service System. This letter will either confirm that you were not required to register before the age of 26 or that you were required to register and failed to do so.

If you were required to register and failed to do so, then you must submit a written appeal to the financial aid office with adequate supporting documentation to show that your failure to register was not done knowingly or willfully.


South Baylo University requires students applying for financial aid to submit the Selective Service Compliance Form to verify that selective service requirements are met.

Rights and Responsibilities of Student Financial Aid Recipients

As a student consumer you have the right to know:

  • What financial aid is available to students from all federal, and institutional financial assistance programs;
  • The deadlines, selection criteria, eligibility requirements, terms, policies, procedures, and regulations that apply to each of the programs, starting with how to apply for aid;
  • How your financial need is determined; this includes how costs for tuition and fees, room and board, travel, books and supplies, and personal expenses are included in your student budget;
  • How and when financial aid is paid to students;
  • How to purchase books and supplies; you can purchase books and supplies through a vendor of your choice using your financial aid refund (if applicable) or you can charge books and supplies to your tuition and fee bill at the SBU Book Store and your financial aid will pay the charges;
  • How to continue to maintain eligibility for financial assistance; including how the financial aid office determines you are maintaining satisfactory academic progress and what happens if you are not;
  • If you have a student loan, the terms of the loan such as the interest rate, total amount that must be repaid, the procedures for paying, the length of time you have to repay it, when repayment begins, cancellation provisions, deferment and forbearance possibilities, and any special consolidation or refinancing options;
  • The terms and conditions applicable to student employment (work-study) provided as part of a financial aid package;
  • Refund policy: the portion, if any of tuition and fees that are refunded to you if you withdraw before the 60% of the term, and the portion, if any, of the financial aid you must pay back immediately if you withdraw before the 60% of the term;
  • You can accept, reject or reduce any or all types of aid;
    • If you reduce or reject aid, we may not be able to reverse this action as some funds are limited and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis;
    • Accepting more financial aid than necessary is not advised. We will not offer more aid than needed to attend; however, you may not need all that is offered. It is in your best interest to only accept what you need.
  • The amount of funds that you or your parent can expect to receive under each financial aid program and how and when those funds will be disbursed. You will be notified of your award and disbursement amounts via a paper award letter.

Student Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to:

  • Understand and comply with the terms and conditions of aid that you receive;
  • Use financial aid funds only for education expenses (tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies and other living costs);
  • Respond promptly to all requests for supplemental information or documentation from the Office of Financial Aid;
  • Know and meet the deadlines to apply and re-apply for financial aid;
  • Complete all financial assistance applications and forms with thorough and accurate information;
  • Read, understand and keep copies of all forms that you are asked to submit or sign;
  • Notify the Office of Financial Aid if there is any change to the information you reported on the FAFSA;
  • Notify the Office of Financial Aid if there are any changes to your enrollment status or level;
  • Notify the Office of Financial Aid if you receive any scholarships, grants, or other financial assistance from sources outside the university;
  • Know and comply with university refund and withdrawal policies;
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress to continue to be eligible for financial aid;
  • Complete entrance interview and exit interview counseling if you receive a loan;
  • Notify your lender of any changes in your name, address, or school status while you are attending school and after you leave school;
  • Repay any student loans you receive regardless of if you successfully completed your program;
  • Perform in a satisfactory manner work agreed upon for Federal Work-Study jobs;
  • Understand that by signing the FAFSA, you agree that the information provided is accurate and complete and that if you purposely give false or misleading information, you may be fined up to $20,000, sent to prison, or both.

South Baylo University does not discriminate in its educational and employment programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, creed, religion, or veteran status.

Contact the Office of Financial Aid

Office of Financial Aid

Yuri Gomez  /  Financial Aid Officer

Phone: (714) 533-1495 Ext. 243
Email: yurig@southbaylo.edu

1126 N, Brookhurst St., Anaheim, CA 92801

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