Welfare for Mankind

South Baylo University was founded on three principal objectives:
value, peace and professionalism.


Founder’s Message

During the 60’s, major paradigm shifts in science took place. In the old paradigm, “the whole is the sum of its parts.” Thus, the whole could be understood from the properties of the parts. In the new paradigm, the properties of the parts can be understood only from the dynamics of the whole. What we call a part is merely a pattern in an inseparable web of relationships.

The primary motive of founding SBU was to introduce age-old medicine of Asia that was perfectly in accord with the new paradigm of science. In the process of creating a new medical profession based on the new scientific paradigm, SBU emphasizes reviewing one’s own value system to judge if it contributes to peace: peace of all kinds.

David J. Park, Ph.D.
Founder, South Baylo University

Dr. David J. Park, the founder of South Baylo University, has excelled in the fields of business and economics. His academic preparation includes a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Public Administration from Claremont McKenna College and Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Economics from the University of Southern California.

For over three decades, until the late 90’s, Dr. Park was a professor in economics at La Verne University, University of Maryland, and California State Polytechnic University. In the spring of 1977, he founded South Baylo University which was incorporated as a non-profit public benefit corporation in 1980.

As the founder of the largest AOM educational institution in the United States, Dr. Park articulated the founding philosophy of South Baylo University outlining three principal objectives: Value, Peace, and Professionalism.

The University encourages critical examination of one’s own value judgments and the discovery of the true values upon which the acquisition of knowledge is based. The educational values of South Baylo University rest upon guiding the student to discover these values and to utilize them in the acquisition of knowledge.

The University has adopted a policy of making itself the meeting place for different cultures and values. In this way, mutual understandings and cooperation may occur. For this reason, the University encourages the enrollment of international students who aspire to learn about diverse cultures and understanding the beliefs of others. The University’s educational programs offer an environment where cultures blend together to create an internationally recognized educational experience.

The University endeavors to help its students achieve professional excellence by offering highly specialized courses in allied health care fields. The University offers an opportunity for professional growth, chances to achieve professional excellence and the groundwork for establishing a satisfying professional life of commitment and contribution to society.

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