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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) is SBU’s central department for technology-based services. We are responsible for providing technical support, networking computers, providing email services, maintaining the student information system, managing the SBU’s telecommunications systems and much more.

Our mission is to create and support a technical environment that advances SBU’s goals and objectives for delivering the best medical and graduate education in the nation.

Technical Support

System Administrator

Any problems regarding computer systems, networking, printers, phone system, and software installation.

James Kim
Tel: 714-533-1495 Ext) 272

Dae Wook Kim
Tel: 213-738-0712 Ext)139

Database Administrator

Any problems regarding student information system, student portal, faculty portal, and staff portal

Lionnel Yamentou
Tel: 714-533-1495 Ext) 549

Web Administrator & Graphic Designer

Any questions regarding school website, forms, publications, and graphic design

Young Choi
Tel: 714-533-1495 Ext) 270

IT Services

New Users

Policies and Procedures


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