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Committed to Excellence

 Nurturing students to become competent and caring healthcare practitioners.



Mission and goals


The Mission of South Baylo University is to expand the knowledge of acupuncture and Oriental medicine and serve the community through quality education, research, and patient care.


The Values of South Baylo University School of Oriental Medicine is to view Harmony as being its prominent value, exemplifying Harmony of Bodily Functions, Harmony of Mind and Body, and Harmony of Life and Nature. These are considered the founding principles of Oriental Medicine and Holistic Healthcare.


The Purpose of South Baylo University School of Oriental Medicine is to promote good health and wellness through education, research, and clinical practice.

Educational Goals

In order to fulfill its mission, South Baylo University is committed to the following goals:

  1. To prepare students with knowledge and skills in AOM to succeed in a healthcare environment.
  2. To provide effective and high-quality patient care through AOM and integrative healthcare.
  3. To promote and advance research, scholarly activities, and professional development.
  4. To prepare students to become leaders in the community and in their profession.
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