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President’s Message

I wish a hearty welcome back to all students and faculty returning for the traditional start (Fall Quarter) of the 2022-2023 school year.  I wish an appreciative welcome to our new MSAOM, DAOM and DAcHM  (PD) students.  The PD program has enrolled its first students ever, and we look forward to a very successful and growing program.

I also wish to report on a successful SBU 2022 Scholarship Competition.  It was successful for three reasons.  First, we received enough applicants to the competition who also registered as first year students to stop the slide in enrollments that has plagued the university the past few years. Second, the Competition spread the word about South Baylo University to the community at large. We can do better, but the Competition was a good start and a great help marketing SBU.  As a result of the Competition, more people found out about us, and we had more to tell. Third, three wonderful people won.  All three have registered as new students starting in the Fall Quarter.  Bottom line, we are doing this this competition again for 2023. 

The submissions to the Competition were very well written, and very moving. We had a three-round voting process and the finalist’s names were submitted to Vice-President/General Counsel Janet Ly and me for the awards decisions.  The final decision was tough, so much so that after choosing the winner, we could not decide on who should take second place, and who should take third.  The submissions were that good, and that close. So, I decided to declare a tie for second place and award two 40 percent scholarships instead of a 40 percent scholarship for second place and a 20 percent scholarship for third place.  

The results are that Ms. Seyoung Na of Palos Verdes, California won First Place, a 100 percent scholarship and Honors at Entrance; Ms. Michiko Payne of San Diego California tied for second place and has been awarded a 40 percent scholarship and Honors at Entrance. Ms. A Yoon Jung of Irvine, California also tied for second place and has also been awarded a 40 percent scholarship and Honors at Entrance. As I mentioned above, all three winners have registered as new students.

Finally, I want to thank the administrative team and faculty members and staff who carefully read all submissions to the competition and voted their consciences as to who the winners should be.


October 3, 2022


Dr. Bonifacio Bonny Garcia
South Baylo University

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