Student Councils

SBU supports the student councils which act as the voice of students, bringing communication between students and administration. Students express their questions, ideas, and school spirits through the Student Councils.

The Student Body Association (SBA) has three councils, representing each language program, in the MSAOM program.  The office of Student Services encourages all students to be involved in the Student Council.  Please contact your language council officers to join the Student Council.

English Student Council

Anaheim Campus
President: Ruth Maschane
Secretary: Eric Bond
Email: southbaylo.ecs@southbaylo.edu

Los Angeles Campus
President: Shahbazian Raissa
Vice President: Oswaldo Rivas
Secretary: Eric Bond
Email: ecs@southbaylo.edu

Korean Student Council

Anaheim Campus
President: Casey Kim
Vice President: Junhyun Kim
Email: KSAA@southbaylo.edu
Website: : https://band.us/@sbuksc

Los Angeles Campus
President: June Kim
Vice President: Yoo Jin Cho
General Affairs: Mikyung Jang
Event Manager: Janice Kim
Media Manager: Nam Hee Kwon

Chinese Student Council

Anaheim Campus
President: Heidi Wang
Vice President: Amethyst Chan
Treasurer: Gina Huang
Email: sbucsc.tcm@gmail.com

Los Angeles Campus
President: Wei Sun
Vice President: Wenxuan Jiang
Treasurer: Kuan-Ning Huang
Email: csc@southbaylo.edu

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