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Disability Accommodations

The University is committed to complying with all mandates set forth in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Disabled students may request reasonable accommodations to the Academic Dean or Student and Alumni Services Coordinator, and are required to provide medical certification of disability. In certain circumstances, early registration may be available for students with disabilities.

Reasonable Accommodations For Students

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, South Baylo University has an obligation to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified students with protected disabilities. Protected disabilities are physical or mental impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities. Major life activities include any function that the average person in the general population can perform, such as learning, reading, seeing, hearing, speaking, caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, breathing, working, sitting, standing, lifting and reaching.

Among the disabilities with particular implications for South Baylo University are learning disabilities. Learning disabilities encompass a variety of neurological problems that have an impact on an individual’s ability to organize visual, auditory, or other sensory information and consequently, on the student’s academic performance. Learning disabilities do not include mental retardation.

Reasonable accommodations are any actions that allow a student to:

  • Have equally effective communication, or
  • Have equal access to instruction, programs, services, and activities sponsored by SBU

Providing reasonable accommodation is mandatory when a student:

  1. Provides medical documentation of disability
  2. Request a reasonable accommodation

If a reasonable accommodation becomes an undue hardship for SBU as a fundamental alteration in a program or service, or an undue financial or administrative burden, the undue hardship must be discussed at the Academic Council. The most common type of accommodations requested includes additional time in examination taking, allowing a student to take an examination in a setting with no distractions, or in a room without incandescent light. Equipment or devices such as that of a person would use in daily activities whether in school or not, such as wheelchairs, canes, and glasses, or computers are not required.

Procedures to accommodate students with learning disabilities can include:

  1. The Admissions Office will advise in writing to the Academic office of the specific accommodations requested by the student based on verified documentation.
  2. The Academic Office will advise each faculty having the student(s) with protected disabilities of the regulation and any other accommodations if any.
  3. Prior to the first initial class period, the student(s) requiring accommodations will need to make an appointment with the Program Director. This will preserve the student’s privacy and indicate the willingness of the University to provide reasonable accommodations when needed.
  4. A student with disabilities cannot take examination(s) in the same room with other students from the class unless there was an arrangement mutually agreed. Documentation for the extra time allowed should be kept and maintained on file. Examination(s) provided to the requesting student must be of the contents as given to other students, except in the case where the test was taken by and released to students, after the examination date. The examination period given to a student with protected disabilities should preferably be done, if possible, on the same day as the other students. If done after the examination date given to students, a slightly different examination will be used to protect examination integrity.
  5. Accommodations for students with protected disabilities should not interfere with other students academic activities.

In accommodating students with protected disabilities, the University will do its best to maintain academic and institutional integrity.

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